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This page is dedicated to our content creators who express themselves in the form of videos or other visual representations

Climate Change across Demographics

Video Creds: Sydney Allen and Piya Rathi 

This week, the Press and Communications team had the wonderful privilege of visiting Harvard on a tour to learn some more about its history and culture, as well as conducting short interviews to ask about their thoughts on the climate crisis.

Sydney and I (Piya) took the tour as an opportunity to take a multitude of pictures and videos throughout the tour, really focusing on the beautiful surroundings and environment to create a gallery wall about our experience.

This is a great example of the Communication Principle, which is “Make it Visual”. An excellent communicator uses images and short clips to engage an audience. This week we learnt that the general public would react better to visual storytelling and powerful images when compared to a long list of numbers.

We also created a short video from interviews with  Bobby our Tour guide, Allison Begalman and Ali Weinstein from Hollywood Climate Summit, Alex our group leader, and Martin. We asked them one simple question.

“What are your thoughts on climate change?”

We really wanted to explore what initially pops into the mind when hearing “climate change” and what that can teach us about communicating to people and making a lasting impact. Bobby talked about climate deniers and admitting the flaws in the system, while Martin really focused on how every action counts. Our instructor Alex talked about how leaders needed to step up, while Alison talked about thinking local.

Watch this video if you would like to see the interviews and see a couple examples of local thoughts on climate change.

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