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  • Michelle Mesnick

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Get ahead of barriers (10)

Educating people on climate change may be overwhelming to the public. Climate change could seem like an extensive topic that may render individuals powerless. That is why it is important to anticipate the fear in consumers before having conversations with them. We should always have a purpose behind our conversations, and not just guilt people into invoking change. The climate action venn diagram by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is an example of breaking down a concept in order to make it more manageable. This venn diagram organizes your skills and helps you find a plan that suits your skills best. This is a useful resource to present to people when introducing them to the climate crisis. It also provides a solution after presenting your audience with problems. The venn diagram is a useful resource for helping people feel a sense of empowerment and control rather than scaring your audience into avoiding the climate crisis.

Storytelling (7)

People respond better to personal stories than they do to data. Too much statistics causes a disconnect and makes the climate crisis seem distant to the general public. When speaking about the climate crisis, it is important to have data from a trusted network to support your claims, but keep in mind that narratives could be a much more effective method. An example of storytelling is David’s documentary, HERD: Inuit Voices on Caribou. In his film, David tells the story of the relationship between the Inuit tribe and the Caribou. Although this is not something that most viewers can relate to or have a prior understanding on, viewers can sympathize with the concept of one's culture and identity being taken away, therefore making David’s documentary an effective example of using narrative storytelling to strengthen an argument.

Trusted messenger (2)

People respond better to community members that they have formed personal connections with than they do with climate activists in the media. We each have a role in our community, and we can all look for other messengers to make impacts within their own circle of influence. We have to consider that our message has different values to different people, and this could impact who your message is relayed to and how your message will be relayed to them. An example of a messenger making an impact in their community is climate activist and artist, Favianna Rodriguez. Rodriguez was the first in her community to convert her house’s entire energy source to solar energy. This action modeled sustainable energy to Favianna’s neighborhood, reaching her circle of impact without causing discomfort from different demographics.

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