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Putney Megaphone


Creating this website, our goal was to spread our thoughts on climate change and be a platform to help others passionate about the environment to be able to express their thoughts and projects.


Our vision is broad. We would like help climate activists around the globe be able to connect with each other and through that, lead to greater movement and change. 

Countryside Road

Editor in Chief:

Juheon Kim (215-853-4585)


Greta White (802-503-5432)

Sabrina Guo (516-666-2932)

Michelle Mesnick (917-710-0692)

Serena DeSteno (617-821-6945)

Lucy Kossuth (781-957-5187)

Willa Wang (516-713-8025)

Martin Zhao (863-558-2958)

Video Producers:

Piya Rathi (+61 492-910-860)

Sydney Allen (206-741-7577)

Logo and website design:

Flora Chen (702-327-2412)

Lulu Li (508-654-9972)

Climate Resilience Specialist, Photographer, and Educator (Press and Media instructor)

Alex Barbossa (970-391-7028)

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